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Even though music became my vocation very early in life, it wasn't until being introduced to jazz that I fell completely in love with it. How ever far do I go from it into realms of World, Fusion, or Orchestral music, I will always come back. I love performing old standards, of course, but one of my favorite creative games is to make a jazz arrangement of a pop tune and explore it's beauty in a fresh new way.


"Afro Blue"

My version of "Afro Blue", the jazz standard composed

by Mongo Santamaría, with lyrics by Oscar Brown.

This gorgeous tune was written by Kenny Kirkland,

and lyrics are by Sting.


Innakina is a band in which I am writing and arranging my original compositions and covers of famous world music pieces. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by absolutely amazing musicians from all corners the world, we are mixing traditions and languages, I sing and play piano, and it is a lot, a lot of fun to do.

"Impressions and daydreams"

"Odd Elegy"

I wrote this song in collaboration with my friend Chloe

Pandora (do check her out, her writing is gorgeous!)

This is Dhafer Youssef's "Odd Elegy" that we performed

at the Berklee Annual Middle Eastern Festival.


Dashina is a world fusion band that features the resplendent voices of Eastern European traditional music with elements of Jazz Fusion. I have started this project after being introduced to Balkan Choral music, and I felt like mixing these ingredients together creates something very new and unique.

"Oj Tam na Hori"

"Kaval Sviri"

This Ukrainian folk song has quickly become Dashina's

signature song, it speaks about a pair of doves

that lost each other.

Duduk Performance

Duduk is an ancient double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood. It is indigenous to Armenia although variations of the Duduk are found in neighboring regions, and is proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Unlike other double reed instruments (like the oboe) the duduk has a very large reed proportional to its size (which makes lives of newbies very very sad). I have started researching this instrument mainly because I was curious to find out where does my last name come from, and as a result i fell in love with it.

"Love Song"

I've been immensely lucky and very honored to perform with one of the most outstanding musicians of our time, Tigran Hamasyan. Here is my arrangement of his "Love Song" that Berklee Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble performed with the man himself at the Berklee Annual Middle Eastern Festival'2017 (and I'm playing duduk! With Tigran! Now, if that ain't going into my obituary, then i don't know what.)

You can also check all the released videos from that concert here.

I've been doing a series of short duduk instagram

videos (and some of them go to my youtube

as well), and this one is serbian folk song "Edelizi" that

I first hear in Emir Kusturica's "Time Of Gypsies" movie,

and it's been haunting me ever since.


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