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I'm a New York-based musician hailing from Russia. I do and I play a lot of different things, and here is the place where you can  hear them.


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Hello all, hope all's well!

Not much news here apart from he fact that I'VE BEEN A PIT MUSICIAN IN A NEW TOM KITT'S MUSICAL! First ever duduk in musicals, I believe. It's been quite a couple months! I'm very happy, but also a bit hungover still.

Also, I have a TIktok now.

See you soon!


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In this section you can hear arrangements that I wrote for orchestras, big bands, choirs, live performances, video recordings, etc. Some of them were presented at Berklee Commencement concerts for the audience including the likes of Jimmy Page and Julio Iglesias (how cool is that!), some were written for prestigious events like Berklee Singers' Showcase or Annual Middle Eastern festival, some of them were performed by the awesomeness of Gary Burton (yes, the jazz legend himself); for Internationally acclaimed Berklee Indian Ensemble, and for small jazz or world bands (like my favourite Balkan Fusion child Dashina)



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In this section I put my original compositions and songs for orchestras, choirs, small bands, and demo reel for music libraries, video games and films.


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These are the projects where i was a music producer (involves running around, waving hands, scheduling, telling people what to do, listening patiently to why they'd rather not, giving death stares, becoming mixing engineer's worst nightmare etc. My favorite job. It's like cooking.)


and here

In this section you can hear the tracks that I either mixed, either took part in music production as an assistant engineer, assistant producer, audio editor etc (so here it was me who was the one being told what to do, and waved hands at, death-stared etc. Also good)

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