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Jiya Jale

I wrote this arrangement for Berklee Indian Ensemble to be performed at the concert where A.R. Rahman, an iconic Indian composer, singer-songwriter and producer, was given an honorary doctorate degree.  Upon this video's release it became a viral hit and gathered  half a million views within first two weeks alone (now there are some scary numbers)

KAval Sviri

This is one of my favorite arrangements and productions ever, the first single by my beloved child Dashina, the world fusion band (you can check out our website here). This song is the mash-up of Bulgarian folk song Kaval Sviri and Joseph's LoDuca opening theme for "Xena: Warrior Princess" TV Series.

No Quarter

After writing an original arrangement to be performed for the one and only Jimmy Page, I and the group of people involved in that performance decided to join our forces to create something biiiiiiig. In this world music inspired cover of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" I acted as a producer, arranger, mixing engineer's assistant, and a performer.

Zelenee Zhito

Writing for your childhood heroes is always a bit breathtaking! Here is my version of  Ukrainian folk song performed by legendary

jazz vibraphonist Gary Burton.


Piano: Vadim Neselovskyi

Soloist: Dana Protsenko

Pletenitsa Balkan Choir

Mixing: Inna Dudukina


Tigran is, well, a proper genius.

Here is his version of Armenian folk song to which we did additional arrangement and orchestration.

Transcribed by: I.Dudukina, G.Bernfeld

Arrangers:  strings/horns/vocals: I.Dudukina

Outro: G.Bernfeld/Y.Genin

Drum/percussion/konnakol: M.Cholley, Y.Gabay, R. Jayaraman, S.Mudgal

Soloist: Rohith Jayaraman (konnakol). Dana Protsenko (voice)

La vida Sigue Igual

I wrote this arrangement of famous Julio Iglesias' song  for Berklee Commencement Concert, and it was performed for an audience of over 5000 people including illustrious Julio Iglesias himself, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Harvey Mason.

Berklee Middle Eastern festival:

Music of Tigran Hamasyan

In 2017 I was honored to work as lead arranger for Berklee Middle Eastern Festival that was dedicated to music of a superhero of contemporary jazz scene Tigran Hamasyan.

Performers in the festival:

Vocals: Inna Dudukina, Christiane Karam, Srishti Biyani, Sharon Renold, Lydia Sri Renold, Maro, Rohith Jayaraman

Strings: Layth Sidiq, David Morales Boroff, Gerson Eguiguren, Cristobal Cruz Garcia

Kanun: Panagiotis Aivazidis

Laouto: Vasilis Kostas

Band: Nadav Ben-Ozer - Tenor Saxophone; Nerya Zidon - Alto Saxophone; Yoel Genin - Guitar; Guy Bernfeld - Bass; Sarthak Mudgal - Guitar/Percussion; Yogev Gabay - Drums; Maxime Cholley - Drums

The Court Jester

Add. arrangement by G. Bernfeld

Love song

Mom look, I'm playing duduk!

the Apple Orchard of Saghmosavank

Laouto solo - Vasilis Kostas

Luys I Luso Suite


Movement I: Ankanim Araji Qo

Movement II: Hayrapetakan Meghtank

Movement III: Voghormea Indz Astvats

Movement IV: Orhneal E Astvats


Piano trans. I.Dudukina

Arr. E. Friesen/I. Dudukina/C.Karam

Orch. E. Friesen/I.Dudukina

other arrangements

Ktož Sú Boží Bojovníci

This is my version of an old Czech song "Ktož Sú Boží Bojovníci", that i created for an inspiration library for "Tábor 600 Tribute project".


Maajhi Re

 I was happy to arrange for Berklee Indian Ensemble and Berklee World Strings once again, this time it's this beautiful song by Agney Mullay ❤

Alena Murang - Flight

I  performed on, arrange music for, and acted as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer for an EP of  kelabit vocalist and sape player Alena Murang.

I Blame You

Ledisi's song cover by performed by Tickwanya Jones at Berklee Singer Showcase.

Gusta Mi MAgla

Performed by Pletenitsa Balkan Choir.

Mario Deli Bela Kumrio

Performed by Pletenitsa Balkan Choir

Gone Under

Performed by Chistine Smit at Berklee Singer Showcase'14 band.

Oj Tam Na Hori

Ukrainian Folk song performed by Dashina.

Afro Blue

by Mongao Santamaria - performed by yours truly.

Uriah See - Gei Ai

'by K.S.Chorng, Uriah See


Produced by Alex Tan and Uriah See,

Arranged by: Inna Dudukina and Josh Maran

Orchestrated by: Inna Dudukina

Dil chata Hai

This awesome version of Indian hit song features famous virtuoso Shankar Mahadevan, and I was honored to collaborate on writing for strings for the production. Performed by Berklee Indian Ensemble and produced and arranged by Guy Bernfeld.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This version was performed at Berklee Commencement Concert in 2014 with Jimmy Page in the audience (he wrote this song, so I was a bit excited there). Later Jimmy said this arrangement was "superb" (he did use that exact word, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was squeezing his hand really hard at that moment).

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